Three-Dimensional Dosimetry for LINAC-Based Radiosurgery and Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy of Craniopharyngiomas



Stereotactic radiosurgery performed with the Gamma Unit (Leksell 1983) or LINACs (Colombo et al. 1985) and heavy-charged particles beams (Kjellberg et al. 1983) has become a part of the neurosurgical armamentarium and is being met with growing interest at an increasing number of neurosurgical centers worldwide. Introduced by Leksell (1951) as a method of delivery of ionizing radiation energy to destroy a target volume of living tissue (healthy and/or pathologic) without causing radiation damage to the adjacent tissues, it has evolved from the treatment of functional disorders of the brain to an alternative to open surgery for arteriovenous malformations, neurinomas, pinealomas, pituitary tumors, and craniopharyngiomas (Steiner and Lindguist 1987; Betti et al. 1989; Noren 1983; Backhand 1972a, 1972b).


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