Pacemaker and ICD Infections: How to Manage Them?

  • M. G. Bongiorni
  • E. Soldati
  • G. Arena
  • G. Gherarducci
  • S. Viani
  • M. Mariani


Among the complications associated with the wide use of implanted cardiac pacemakers, the incidence of infection of the pacing system is reported to occur in 0% to 19% of the patients [1]. Signs and symptoms of infection in the generator pocket are most frequently observed, while septicemia is a less frequent but life-threatening event [2, 3]. Infections occurring after implantation of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) are an even more dangerous condition, and it is reported with an incidence of 2%–7% [4–7]. ICD devices have much in common with implanted pacemakers. Both systems consist of electrodes and a pulse generator, and are manufactured using the same materials. Thus it seems reasonable to apply the lessons learned from permanent pacemakers to defibrillator implants.


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