Immediate postoperative considerations

  • P. A. Lönnqvist
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Indications of the unglamorous nature of immediate paediatric postoperative care are the telling scarcity of published studies in this field and the very limited attention paid to these problems in paediatric anaesthesia textbooks. Despite the lack of flair this is indeed an important period in both the surgical and anaesthetic process. Here a review of the different problems that the paediatric anaesthesiologist might face are presented and, due to the relative lack of significant publications within this field, to a large extent mirror the views, opinions and patient populations encountered by the author. The review does not include specific problems that might occur following more advanced types of surgery for example, neonatal, cardiac, neuro- or maxillofacial surgery. For the best available overview of this topic the text by Berde and Todres [1] is recommended to the reader.


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