Benign Tumors of the Epi/metaphysis

  • D. Jaramillo
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The imaging evaluation of neoplastic lesions of the appendicular skeleton has two main goals. The first is to determine whether the lesion warrants doing nothing at all, follow-up, or biopsy. The second, mostly relevant to malignant bone tumors, is to provide detailed information about the lesion’s extent and biological activity in order to guide therapy. Arriving at a specific diagnosis is an interesting exercise, but it is not the main objective of the radiologic evaluation. This discussion is in two sections, one on evaluation of benign lesions, and the other on imaging of skeletal malignancies. The discussion concentrates on practical issues relevant to the radiologist’s role in the management of these lesions. More comprehensive discussions regarding the imaging characteristics of each individual lesion, and illustrations of such lesions are beyond the scope of this discussion. The reader is referred to the standard texts for more detailed coverage of these topics.


Fibrous Dysplasia Bone Cyst Osteoid Osteoma Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Myositis Ossificans 
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