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Natural Laxatives of Mineral Origin

  • Francesco Capasso
  • Timothy S. Gaginella


The action of saline laxatives lies in the presence of anions and cations which are poorly absorbed by the intestinal mucosa which behaves like a semi-permeable membrane. The presence of these ions in the intestine leads to water retention in order to maintain an osmotic equilibrium, with indirect stimulation of peristalsis. The laxative action is related to the extent that the salts exert an osmotic effect, which can account for the greater laxative effect of some salt combinations compared to others (Table 9). Some salts reduce the pH in the colon and this may contribute to the laxative effect (Bennett and Eley 1976).


Tartaric Acid Magnesium Sulfate Magnesium Hydroxide Sodium Tartrate Laxative Effect 
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