Surface Electrocardiogram in Ventricular Pre-excitation: How Reliable Is It To Locate the Site of Accessory Pathway?

  • E. Piccolo
  • P. Delise
  • S. Themistoclakis
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It is estimated that about 3–4/1000 individuals are born with accessory pathway. These patients may have anterograde manifest conduction and hence show ventricular pre-excitation with short PR interval and delta waves (WPW electrocardiographic pattern). In some cases the accessory pathway may be concealed, manifesting only retrograde conduction over this tract. If so, the electrocardiogram is normal. In 5%–10% of series, multiple accessory pathways have been described.


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  • E. Piccolo
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  • P. Delise
    • 1
  • S. Themistoclakis
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  1. 1.Divisione di CardiologiaOspedale Umberto IMestre-VeniceItaly

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