Drug-Induced Pancreatitis

  • C. B. Kölbel
  • M. V. Singer
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Since 1959, when the first report on drug-induced pancreatitis was published by Johnston and Cornish [58], at least 50 different drugs have been implicated as possible but rare causes of pancreatitis. A convincing causal relationship has been established for only a small number of these drugs while the pathogenesis of this type of pancreatitis remains almost completely elusive. This chapter gives an overview on different aspects of drug-induced pancreatitis. As generally accepted, three categories of drugs are discussed inasfar as their causal relationship with the development of pancreatitis is definite, probable, or possible [73].


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  • M. V. Singer
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  1. 1.Abteilung für Gastroenterologie, Medizinische KlinikUniversitätsklinikum EssenGermany

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