A simple, innocuous and effective method for cleansing the large bowel without enemas

  • Giorgio Cittadini


A rational approach to the issue of bowel preparation for DCBE should induce to pursue several endpoints:
  • radical cleansing of the colon with thorough removal of fecal matter without cleansing enemas;

  • no major distress for the patient: this is a very important point when the aim is to allow the patient to carry out his/her normal activities until the DCBE examination;

  • normal calorie diet: very important, especially in patients who have to undergo several diagnostic examinations within a short period of time;

  • simple and accurate instructions comprehensible to the patient;

  • simplification of the work of physicians and paramedics in charge of the examination.


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  • Giorgio Cittadini
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  1. 1.Department of RadiologyUniversity of Genoa School of Medicine San Martino HospitalGenoaItaly

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