Early Diagnosis of Supratentorial Tumors

  • Aldo Fortuna


Despite the use of modern neuroradiological tests, prefrontal tumors (those involving the part of frontal lobe located anteriorly to the ascending frontal gyrus) are rarely diagnosed at an early stage (Figs. 1–10). We often see the clinical-radiological picture of a voluminous lesion with manifest symptoms. Involvement of the frontal lobe is a serious situation and can greatly affect both the possibility of radical surgery and prognosis quod valetudinem. Hence early diagnosis is a necessity. Symptoms due to a frontal tumor frequently consist of the so-called frontal psychorganic syndrome. This is a psychopathic condition characterized by a triad of symptoms: disorders
Fig. 1

Prefontral paraflax left metastases: 3mm. Axial T1-weighted image following i.v. contrast enhancement (arrow)

of mood and character, disorders of activity and behavior, and intellectual disorders.


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