ICU and the Outside World: Multimedia and Networking in the ICU Environment

  • W. Friesdorf
  • B. Classen
  • R. Chr. Reu


The main tasks in an intensive care unit are related to information. Information is generated, collected, documented and distributed. An intensive care patient is described by data, curves, pictures (e.g. X-rays), and videos (e.g. ultrasound examination). Information resulting from sounds (e.g. respiratory system) and three-dimensional spaces (e.g. bronchoscopy and surgical intervention) are described in text format. This patient’s individual information is analysed in front of general ICU knowledge and experience. Thus by definition the condition of an intensive care patient is described by multimedia information.


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  • W. Friesdorf
  • B. Classen
  • R. Chr. Reu

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