Bariatric Surgery: Indications and Complications

  • S. B. Doldi
  • G. Micheletto
  • A. Restelli
  • A. Favara


The surgical treatment of morbid obesity began in the USA in 1954 to provide an effective treatment to decrease weight for patients 80%-100% overweight where diet, drugs or psychotherapy had failed. Bariatric surgery progress during the last 40 years has been amazing, looking for a safe, effective and low morbidity procedure. Since the 1970s clinical research has been working on two different pathways at the same time:
  • Procedures based on intestinal malabsorption

  • Procedures based on gastric restriction to reduce the food intake


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  • S. B. Doldi
  • G. Micheletto
  • A. Restelli
  • A. Favara

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