Medical Oxygen Characteristics, Use, Safety Guidelines

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The year 1789 is universally known as the year of the French Revolution; it represents a revolutionary year also for science and particularly for chemistry. During the same year, in fact, Lavoisier published his “Traite Elementaire De Chimie” that is the first treatise in which has laid the basis of modern chemistry and where Lavoisier introduced the term “Oxygen”, considered as the constitutive element and explicative principle of basic compound substances: acids, bases and salts. Before 1789 Lavoisier studied the air behaviour and in his laboratory register he noted: “... it is ascertained that in fix air it shows very different properties from ordinary air”. The term “fix air” (carbon dioxide) had been coined in 1756 by the Scottish scientist Joseph Black who obtained it from calcium carbonate and magnesium. Lavoisier continues: “this air kills animals who breathe it instead ordinary air is essential for their life”. It combines in an extremely easy way with all the bodies, while in the same conditions the atmospheric air combines to them with difficulty or doesn’t combine at all... The importance of this subject..., led me to take from the beginning this work that in my opinion is destined to revolutionize physics and chemistry”. This “revolutionary” aspect referred to the discovery of the oxygen. The close link between air (oxygen) and life had to be known already by our prehistorical ancestors who had the possibility to ascertain the contemporaneity of both phenomena: the death of an animal in the same “malefic” environment where the fire has extinguished.


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