Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Ophthalmology

  • R. Magni
  • G. Oriani
  • G. C. Modugno


Oxygen is obviously a determining element for the retina. It has two purposes: the first is the more classic one and is represented by aerobic glycolysis (in the inner layers of the retina), anaerobic glycolysis (outer layers of the retina), and by the other characteristic metabolic functions of the oxygen in maintaining the homeostasis of the retina tissues. Oxygen also has a determining role in the resynthesis of visual photopigment. In carrying out research into the chorioretinal oxygenation in humans, it can be assumed that for every important modification in oxygen availability at a chorioretinal level there is a modification in the visual function. Ischemic alterations in the retina, although transitory, cause a temporary or permanent reduction in vision. According to recent experimental evidence, an increase in oxygen availability would cause an improvement in vision [1, 2].


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