Transabdominal ultrasonography

  • V. Arienti


In the past, because of its inability to penetrate gas, ultrasonography (US) was considered a useless method for studying the gastrointestinal tract. In more recent years, thanks to the technological improvement of ultrasonographic instruments and to the greater attention of researchers, the ultrasonographic findings of some intestinal pathologies have been described. Different ultrasonographic approaches and modalities have been proposed such as conventional or transabdominal, endoscopic, transrectal, hydrocolonic and Doppler and color-Doppler ultrasonography. Today the ultrasonographic method commonly employed in the evaluation of small bowel pathologies is transabdominal ultrasound, utilizing 3.5, 5, and 7 MHz linear or convex probes, with the help, in some cases, of the Doppler and color-Doppler modality.


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