Insulin-Dependent Diabetes mellitus in a Group of Young People with beta-Thalassemia major

  • S. Anastasi
  • V. Caruso
  • M. Cantone
  • C. Magnano


The increased survival of thalassemic patients, due largely to the application of new therapeutic methods [1], has brought about a greater incidence of diabetes with thalassemia [2, 3]. The development of diabetes seems to result from the establishment of a pathogenetic mechanism which involves hemosiderosis, liver disease, and insulin resistance, whereas family history and association with other autoimmune pathologies seem to be less evident [4]. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the frequency of diabetes and functional changes in the pancreas thalassemic patients.


Impaired Glucose Tolerance Thalassemic Patient Iron Chelate Therapy Thalassemia Major Patient Autoimmune Pathology 
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  • S. Anastasi
  • V. Caruso
  • M. Cantone
  • C. Magnano

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