Pituitary-Thyroid Function in Children with β-Thalassemia major

  • H. E. Tutar
  • G. Öcal
  • N. Akar
  • A. Arcasoy


Long-term survival of patients with thalassemia major has been improved by regular transfusion and chelation therapy [1]. However, multiple endocrine disturbances, including thyroid dysfunction, attributed to the chronic transfusional iron overload and causing morbidity and mortality in thalassemic patients are still a major problem [2, 3]. The purpose of the present study was to determine the incidence of pituitary-thyroid dysfunction and its relationship to various clinical and laboratory measurements in thalassemic patients.


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  • H. E. Tutar
  • G. Öcal
  • N. Akar
  • A. Arcasoy

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