The Italian Multicentric Study on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: II. Prognostic Assessment in Symptomatic Patients

  • E. Lazzeroni
  • I. Olivotto
  • F. Cecchi
  • G. P. Chiriatti
  • A. Sachero
  • G. Renosto
  • Italian Study Group on Cardiomyopathies (SPIC)
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The morphological, functional, and genetic abnormalities are heterogeneous in different patient populations with hypertrophie cardiomyopathy (HCM) [1–8]; as a consequence, the natural history and the clinical course are extremely variable and prognostic evaluation is a challenging task in the individual patient.


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  • E. Lazzeroni
  • I. Olivotto
  • F. Cecchi
  • G. P. Chiriatti
  • A. Sachero
  • G. Renosto
  • Italian Study Group on Cardiomyopathies (SPIC)

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