Immunosuppressive Treatment for Inflammatory Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Myocarditis)

  • B. Maisch
  • G. Hufnagel
  • S. Pankuweit
  • M. Herzum
  • U. Schönian
  • C. Bethge
  • I. Portig
  • A. Wilke
Conference paper


Controversy still exists on whether immusuppressive treatment is beneficial in myocarditis. This contribution examines the immunologic rationale for immunosuppressive therapy in inflammatory dilated cardiomyopathy by revisiting currently available data in man and experimental animals.


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  • G. Hufnagel
  • S. Pankuweit
  • M. Herzum
  • U. Schönian
  • C. Bethge
  • I. Portig
  • A. Wilke

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