Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Cardiomyopathies

  • E. Arbustini
  • M. Diegoli
  • A. Pilotto
  • R. Fasani
  • M. Grasso
  • N. Banchieri
  • O. Bellini
  • B. Dal Bello
  • G. Magrini
  • P. Morbini
  • C. Campana
  • A. Gavazzi
  • M. Viganò
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A new field, mitochondrial (mt) DNA-related pathology, was created in 1988 with the report of mtDNA deletions in spontaneous encephalomyopathies and of mtDNA missense mutations in Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy [1–3]. Since then, several multiorgan-system disorders and a few cardiomyopathies have been described as associated with mt DNA defects [4]. New cardiomyopathies have been described as associated with mt DNA defects [4].


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  • E. Arbustini
  • M. Diegoli
  • A. Pilotto
  • R. Fasani
  • M. Grasso
  • N. Banchieri
  • O. Bellini
  • B. Dal Bello
  • G. Magrini
  • P. Morbini
  • C. Campana
  • A. Gavazzi
  • M. Viganò

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