Surgical Strategies in the Management of Acute Aortic Dissection

  • B. Zingone
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Aortic dissection is an acute, catastrophic disease leading the majority of patients to death due to aortic rupture, aortic valve insufficiency or end-organ malperfusion. In the absence of surgical treatment 50% of patients die within 48 hours and an additional 30% are lost within the following two weeks since the onset of symptoms [1], The mortality rate is substantially higher when the ascending aorta is involved, and of course lower when it is not, irrespective of the site of the entry tear [1]. A useful classification for analysing therapeutic strategies and results is reported in Fig. 1. It retains the basic simplicity of the popular Stanford scheme and also includes the notion of where the entry tear is located [2].


Aortic Dissection False Lumen Acute Aortic Dissection True Lumen Acute Type 
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