Chronic Atrial Flutter: What Is the Risk of Thromboembolism?

  • N. Baldi
  • V. A. Russo
  • V. Morrone
  • L. Liconso
  • G. Polimeni
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In a review about atrial flutter, published in 1992, in the section concerning anticoagulant therapy, Olshansky et al. [1] concluded as follows: “A consensus has not yet been reached about the need for anticoagulation in patients with atrial flutter. It is not possible to make a rational judgement about the need for anticoagulation for patients with atrial flutter based on present data”.


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  • V. A. Russo
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  • V. Morrone
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  • L. Liconso
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  • G. Polimeni
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  1. 1.Unità Operativa di CardiologiaAzienda Ospedale S.S. AnnunziataTarantoItaly

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