Lead-Related Thrombi in Patients with Pacemaker/ICD: What Is the Prevalence, Clinical Significance, and Recommended Management?

  • R. M. Polimeni
  • G. Meduri
  • A. Amato
  • D. Baccellieri
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The presence of thrombi on a permanent pacemaker lead is a rare complication of pacing. The reported cases relate to axillary subclavian vein thrombosis or the onset of thrombi at different sites on the permanent pacemaker lead [1–3]. Clinically, thromboembolic complications related to permanent cardiac pacing may affect the upper arm, axillary, subclavian or jugular veins, right atrium, and pulmonary circulation [4,5].


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  • R. M. Polimeni
    • 1
  • G. Meduri
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  • A. Amato
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  • D. Baccellieri
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  1. 1.UTIC, Ospedale S. Maria degli UngheresiU.O. di CardiologiaPolistena (RC)Italy
  2. 2.U.O. di Chirurgia VascolarePoliclinico Universitario G. MartinoMessina, Polistena (RC)Italy

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