How to Detect and Treat Superior Vena Cava Obstruction Caused by Multiple Pacing/ICD Leads?

  • G. Chiarandà
  • A. Busà
  • G. Muscio
  • A. Lazzaro
  • L. Cavarra
  • T. Regolo
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Superior vena cava (SVC) obstruction caused by permanent implantation of leads for pacemakers or defibrillators is not infrequent, having been observed in 35-45% of all cases, and in 20% of cases total occlusion is found 2 years after the intervention [1–3]. Such a high prevalence is observed only if patients are subjected to venography 1 year after implantation, because thrombosis is asymptomatic in the majority of cases owing to the development of collaterals.


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