WFSA and the World Health Organisation

  • M. Dobson


WFSA had for some time been collaborating with the World Health Organisation (WHO) when in 1982 a request came to John Zorab from WHO Pharmaceuticals to comment on possible inclusions of anaesthetic drugs in the WHO list of essential drugs. John realised that it would be much more helpful to give advice not only on the drugs but on the ways in which they should be used - with implications for both equipment and the training of users. It was clear from the beginning that this would be an initiative aimed towards anaesthetists in developing countries - colleagues in the west already benefit from strong professional associations with associated educational opportunities, and do not look to WHO for guidance on clinical issues. In consequence, WHO convened a meeting in 1984 to discuss anaesthesia, at which WFSA was represented by John Zorab, Patricia Coyle, Say Wan Lim, Howard Zauder, and Mike Dobson. As a result of this and similar meetings, WHO decided to prepare manuals on anaesthesia and surgery at district hospitals. Mike Dobson was asked to be author of the anaesthesia manual and prepared a draft that was approved by the same group. Publication of the book (Anaesthesia at the District Hospital) was financed by WHO and it appeared in 1988 in time for the World Congress in Washington; its publication was shortly followed by companion manuals, the first covering general surgery and the second obstetrics and traumatology.


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