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The Presidential Medallion has an interesting history that is recorded in full below. I am indebted to Mayrhofer and Parsloe for the following details. The original design was made by Dr. Juan Marín Osorio from Colombia. Dr. Marín was born in 1907 in the rural community of Sonson, near Medellin, Colombia. He entered the Medical School of Bogotá in 1928, but dropped out in 1932/1933 to become a “chloroformist” in a local paediatric hospital, where he remained until 1946. In 1947, he founded a private school for non-medical anaesthetists. In 1949, he founded the Colombian Anaesthesia Society. He had, meanwhile, re-entered medical school, but did not graduate until 1956. He described the inspiration for the design of his logo in a booklet, a translation of which follows.


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