WFSA Statutes and Bylaws Committee: Providing the Framework

  • D. J. Wilkinson


Every organisation needs a legal existence, a structure, and a set of reference points. Its purpose and aspirations need to be carefully defined and regularly reviewed. There should be some clearly defined processes to encompass its day-to-day running, its overall management, and its planned development. Meetings, publications, and liaison with other organisations need to be carefully orchestrated and follow a repeatable and transparent process. Financial matters should be circumspect, with audited accounts being published and presented according to defined processes. The mechanisms whereby members join or leave need to be described and their roles within the organisation need to be spelt out. For an international body there are considerations relating to different cultures, languages, religions, and social mores. All of these subjects require regular review and development to ensure that the organisation does not become stagnant and ineffective in a changing world.


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