Contrast Echocardiography for Left Ventricular Opacification

  • Partho Sengupta
  • Bijoy K. Khandheria


Accurate assessment of left ventricular (LV) function is of paramount importance in clinical cardiology. Although the LV contraction and relaxation occur in a complex three-dimensional format, changes in two-dimensional regional and global LV geometry during a cardiac cycle provide a reliable estimate of the overall LV function. This information is obtained comprehensively during realtime two-dimensional echocardiography by quantifying the extent of wall thickening, endocardial motion and serial changes in LV sizes and volumes. Accurate echocardio-graphic interpretation, however, necessitates a proper delineation of the blood-endocardial interface and is not found adequately in a significant proportion (10%–20%) of patients referred for routine echocardiographic evaluation in clinical practice [1]. Suboptimal image quality in these patients results from a variety of factors including obesity, lung disease or chest wall deformities, thereby obviating an optimal application and utilization of cardiac ultrasound.


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