Hydrocephalus in Neurocysticercosis and Other Parasitic and Infectious Diseases

  • Sergio Cavalheiro
  • Samuel T. Zymberg
  • Márcia C. da Silva


The cestode species are the most common parasites that affect the central nervous system (CNS). Five different cestode infections of the nervous system are: cysticercosis, from the larva of Taenia solium — the most common of them, with more than 50 000 people infected worldwide; hydatidosis (hydatic cyst disease), from the larva of Echinococcus granulosus; alveolar cyst disease from the larva of Echinococcus multilocularis; coenurosis, a rarer type, from the larva of Taenia multiceps; and, exceptionally, sparganosis from the larva of Spirometra mansonoides. Only the most important ones and those related to hydrocephalus will be discussed here — cysticercosis and hydatidosis. Three other infections are common and may lead to hydrocephalus. They are fungal, viral, and infections by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Other bacterial ventriculitis will not be discussed in this chapter.


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