Benign Pericerebral Collections in Children

  • Spyros Sgouros
  • Christos Tolias


Excess extracerebral accumulation of CSF over the brain and under the arachnoid matter in infants was first described by Dandy, who introduced the term “external hydrocephalus”, indicating that CSF is collecting in a site external to the brain itself [14]. The plethora of terminology used in the past for extracerebral collections has been confusing and reflected the poor knowledge of the condition. Terms such as “benign subarachnoid collections of childhood”, “benign enlargement of the subarachnoid spaces”, “external hydrocephalus”, “widened subarachnoid space”, “subdural haematoma” (collection of blood), “subdural effusion” (collection of proteinaceous fluid) and “subdural hygroma” (collection of CSF) have all been used to describe extracerebral collections. Most of these terms predate the discovery of computed tomography (CT) and derive their origin from the clinical observations of the fluid recovered during subdural taps. Several early clinical series included patients with subarachnoid and subdural collections, contributing to the confusion over management and outcome issues [8].


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