A Microscopic Approach to Nuclear Physics: from Deuteron to Neutron Stars

  • A. Fabrocini
Conference paper


The latest attempts to understand the properties of all nuclei in terms of microscopic interactions between individual nucléons are described. This contribution tries to give a consistent picture of nuclear systems, from deuteron up to the heaviest nuclei (including neutron stars), based on modern, non-relativistic Hamiltonians containing two- and three-body potentials which fit, in an extremely accurate way, the large amount of experimental data on ground and scattering states of two or more nucléons. The resolution of the Schrödinger equation for light nuclei provides, for the first time, clear evidence of a shell structure without the need of introducing an ad hoc mean field. The microscopic equation of state of dense nucléon matter, when used for deriving neutron star structure, gives results in good agreement with the present observational data.


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