Theoretical Relativity: Classical Topics

  • F. Giannoni
Conference paper


  1. [1]

    M. Palese, R. A. Leo, G. Soliani: The prolongation problem for the heavenly equation.

  2. [2]

    S. Jhingan, G. Magli: Gravitational collapse of fluid bodies and cosmic censorship: analytic insights.

  3. [3]

    P. Piccione: Time extremizing trajectories of massive and massless objects in general relativity.

  4. [4]

    L. Martina: black holes and solitons.

  5. [5]

    A. Spallicci: Analytic solution of the Regge-Wheeler differential equation for black hole perturbations in radial coordinate and time domains.

  6. [6]

    A. M. Candela: Multiplicity of timelike geodesies in splitting Lorentzian manifolds.

  7. [7]

    A. Salvatore: Null geodesies joining two submanifolds in stationary Lorentzian manifolds.

  8. [8]

    V. Benci and D. Fortunato: Why is the gravitational mass equal to the inertial mass?



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