Gravitational Waves and the Death-Spiral of Compact Binaries

  • C.M. Will
Conference paper


The completion of a network of advanced laser-interferometric gravitational-wave observatories will make possible the study of the inspirai and coalescence of binary systems of compact objects (neutron stars and black holes), using gravitational radiation. To extract useful information from the waves, theoretical general relativistic gravitational waveform templates of extremely high accuracy will be needed for filtering the data, probably as accurate as O[(υ/c)6] beyond the predictions of the quadrupole formula. We review theoretical methods for calculating accurate waveforms, and focus on one known as Direct Integration of the Relaxed Einstein Equations (DIRE). The new method is free of divergences or undefined integrals, correctly predicts all gravitational wave “tail” effects caused by backscatter of the outgoing radiation off the background curved spacetime, and yields radiation that propagates asymptotically along true null cones of the curved spacetime. The method also yields equations of motion through O[(υ/c)4 ], radiation-reaction terms at O[(υ/c)5 ] and O[(υ/c)7 ], and gravitational waveforms and energy flux through O[(υ/c)4 ], in agreement with other approaches. We report on progress in evaluating the O[(υ/c)6 ] contributions.


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