The r-modes Oscillations and Instability: Surprises from Magnetized Neutron Stars

  • L. Rezzolla
Conference paper


The instability of r-mode oscillations in rapidly rotating neutron stars has been so far a source of surprises. The analyses carried to date have revealed the surprising existence of this instability and, perhaps even more surprisingly, have shown that such instability has a rather large parameter space in which it can survive against the damping produced by shear and bulk viscosity, as well as against the interaction with a solid star crust. The magnetohydrodynamic coupling of the modes with a stellar magnetic field, which is likely to be present, has recently been shown to provide another surprising aspect of the instability. We here review the relevance of a stellar magnetic field, its modifications under the action of the r-mode instability, and how the interaction between r-mode oscillations and a magnetic field might limit the onset and duration of the instability.


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