The presence of extrahepatic disease synchronous to colorectal liver metastases was long considered a contraindication to resection. However, in recent series good survival rates after radical hepatic and extrahepatic resection have been reported and were higher than expected after chemotherapy alone. Portal lymph nodes involvement occurs in about 15% of patients and is a negative prognostic factor. Lymph node metastases confined to the hepatic pedicle are no longer a contraindication to resection, although preoperative chemotherapy is recommended. In patients with celiac or retroperitoneal positive lymph nodes, the indications for resection are controversial. Resection in the presence of peritoneal carcinomatosis should be considered only in well selected patients with limited resectable peritoneal deposits. Pulmonary metastases should be aggressively resected whenever possible, even if synchronous to liver metastases, as good long-term results are possible.


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