Wrist Injuries

  • P. R. Finkbone
  • M. Rizzo


The wrist is one of the most vulnerable and unprotected joints during athletic activity. When injured, it can significantly hinder an athlete’s success. Improper diagnosis and treatment of wrist injuries can lead to chronic pain and disability. Fractures of the wrist occur frequently in sports, with the scaphoid, distal radius, and triquetrum as commonly involved bones. The wrist is also prone to several varieties of ligamentous injury that can be challenging to diagnose and treat. Tendons can develop tenosynovitis and tendinitis secondary to overuse during training. Athletes are also susceptible to the development of nerve compression syndromes about the wrist. This chapter reviews the presentation, physical exam findings, diagnostic studies, and current recommended treatments for common wrist injuries and causes of wrist pain in athletes. It should serve as an aid to the sports medicine physician when evaluating athletes with wrist complaints.


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