The Upper Limbs

  • D. Barbuti
  • E. Pacciani
  • M. Cirillo
  • A. Magistrelli
  • L. Tanturri de Horatio


In children, the clavicle (collarbone) is one of the bones that is most susceptible to fracture. In most cases, immobilization is the preferred choice of treatment; only in exceptional cases does surgery prove necessary, and this is confined to cases where there is a simple fracture with exposure of the bone. Fractures in neonates may be caused by natural delivery, especially in macrosomic children weighing more than 4 kg, or by compression trauma of the shoulders in the course of dystocic delivery. In older children, the trauma most commonly responsible for fracture is a fall on the shoulder with direct trauma, or with an outstretched arm.


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  • E. Pacciani
  • M. Cirillo
  • A. Magistrelli
  • L. Tanturri de Horatio
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