Major Traumatic Bone and Joint Injuries: Overview

  • F. Martino
  • L. Falcone
  • M. Indolfi
  • F. M. Matarazzo
  • G. Martino


During childhood and adolescence, urgent osteo-articular traumatic pathology is a frequent occurrence, and constitutes one of the main causes of demand for medical care in the emergency department of a pediatric hospital (more than 15–20% of all visits). Injuries caused by skeletal trauma during childhood occur more than in adulthood, although in most cases the extent of anatomical damage is modest. Males are affected more often than females. In almost 50% of cases trauma is due to a fall and, in these cases, elbow and wrist fractures are the most common injuries. Carpal fractures, however, are uncommon lesions in children and, when present, almost always involve the scaphoid.


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  • F. Martino
    • 1
  • L. Falcone
  • M. Indolfi
  • F. M. Matarazzo
  • G. Martino
  1. 1.Radiology DepartmentPoliclinico - Giovanni XXIII HospitalBariItaly

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