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  • Caterina Maria Camastra
  • Rita Monterubbianesi
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Crohn’s disease (CD) involves the entire alimentary tract, starting from the mouth, and is characterized by focal exacerbations, with intermittent activity throughout the patient’s life. The initial manifestations are often insidious and vague. Systemic symptoms include unexplained fever, weight loss, and extraintestinal symptoms such as arthralgias and perianal abscess. The retrospective description of this initial disease course may be difficult and ill-defined, especially in the presence of intestinal symptoms that are rather nonspecific. Delays by the patient in seeking medical help and by the physician to identify the disease contribute to the long interval from onset to diagnosis, which tends to become even longer in patients with mild symptoms. More recently, however, owing to an improved awareness of the disease, this time interval has decreased.


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