Transcallosal Approaches to Intraventricular Tumors

  • Roberto Delfini
  • Angelo Pichierri


Walter E. Dandy pioneered the interhemispheric transcallosal routes to the lateral ventricles. He described, in 1921, the posterior transcallosal approach with division of the splenium for removal of pineal tumors, and followed this by reporting a series of third ventricle tumors in 1933 [1]. Busch performed the first interforniceal approach in 1944 for a malignant glioma [2]. Kempe and Blaylock reported their series of paratrigonal lesions approached through a posterior transcallosal approach in 1976 [3]. Three years later Hirsch et al. proposed coagulating the thalamostriate vein to enlarge the paraforniceal approach with a subchoroidal route [4]. In 1996, Yasargil emphasized the importance of preserving the posterior half of the corpus callosum and proposed a transprecuneus approach for trigonal lesions [5]. In 1998, Wen et al. presented an anatomical study of the choroidal fissure and of the supra- and subchoroidal surgical routes [6]. In 2001 Rosenfeld et al. reported a limited anterior forniceal splitting technique for the cure of hypothalamic hamartomas [7].


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