Intravascular Ultrasound: From Gray-Scale to Virtual Histology

  • Fabrizio Clementi
  • Giuseppe M. Sangiorgi


For over a decade, coronary angiography has represented the “gold standard” in the appraisal of the coronary anatomy and the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. However, the introduction of percutaneous coronary revascularization, along with increasing evidence of the prognostic importance of atherosclerotic plaque composition, fostered the concept that simple coronary angiography is limited in estimating the distribution and extent of coronary pathology. Indeed, angiography simply shows the vessel lumen, a perspective that is insufficient in representing the complex nature of coronary disease.


Intravascular Ultrasound Necrotic Core Vulnerable Plaque Plaque Composition Virtual Histology 
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  • Fabrizio Clementi
    • 1
  • Giuseppe M. Sangiorgi
    • 2
  1. 1.Interventional Cardiology Unit“Tor Vergata” UniversityRomeItaly
  2. 2.Interventional Cardiology UnitEmo Centro Cuore Columbus San Raffaele HospitalMilanItaly

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