Basic Techniques in the Acquisition of Cardiac Images with CT

  • Paolo Pavone


Computed tomography angiography (CTA) of the coronary arteries is a very quick and the most advanced imaging technique. Using a multislice imaging approach together with specialized and dedicated software, CTA “freezes” cardiac movement thereby acquiring static images of the rapidly moving heart. In addition, the same approach produces contrast-agent-enhanced images of the coronary arteries, by employing a three-dimensional technique with high spatial and temporal resolution. The aim of this chapter is to educate the non-experienced reader about the CTA modalities that allow these images to be acquired. We evaluate: (a) the basic concepts of the equipment employed, (b) the technical procedures needed to image the coronary arteries, (c) the modalities for proper reconstruction of the three-dimensional images, and (d) the procedures allowing diagnostic analysis and image reproduction.


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