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G. Setti: Since we have been through a long discussion following the last couple of talks, we should start from the topics of the morning. There may be questions that people have not asked directly or comments that have not been made, so that there is now an opportunity for all this. I would like to start with questions or comments about time, the first topic of thismorning.We have heard the point of viewof physics as expressed by Gabriele Veneziano, who questioned the often assumed coincidence of the beginning of time with the big bang by presenting a model, based on modern theory, of a pre-big bang universe. Then we have heard Hans Mooij discussing different concepts of time — at some point he mentioned mind and consciousness, and then time from the point of view of a static or a dynamical position — so there were questions after his talk, such as historical time and so on. I thus think it is important to come back to this topic. Are there any questions?


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