Medical Management of Acute Pancreatitis

  • Marco Romiti
  • Luciano Minestroni
  • Walter Siquini
  • Gabriele Corradini
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All cases of mild acute pancreatitis (AP) and the majority of the severe forms of the disease are treated conservatively. Medical therapy is therefore of fundamental importance in the management of this disease. However, apart from the common devices of cardiovascular and respiratory support, thanks to which the early mortality in severe AP has been greatly reduced, to this day we do not have a specific and effective drug capable of acting on the physiopathology of the disease and of leading to a positive outcome. Antibiotic prophylaxis, equally a cornerstone of medical therapy, has for the past few years come under critical scrutiny.


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  • Luciano Minestroni
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  • Walter Siquini
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  • Gabriele Corradini
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  2. 2.Department of Surgery, Ospedali Riuniti University HospitalPolytechnic University of MarcheAnconaItaly

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