Pancreatic Fistulas after Pancreaticoduodenectomy or Distal Pancreatectomy

  • Giovanni Butturini
  • Despoina Daskalaki
  • Claudio Bassi
  • Paolo Pederzoli
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Pancreatic fistula is defined as an abnormal communication between the pancreatic ductal system and any other space, internal or external to the peritoneal cavity, caused by an interruption to the integrity of the ductal epithelium itself [1]. Pancreatic fistulas are thus divided into internal and external, the former being by far the most frequent and almost the only ones that occur after pancreatic resection. In fact, whenever a postoperative fistula develops, in the absence of adequate drainage the result will be an abdominal collection that evolves into an abscess or a pseudocyst rather than an internal fistula.


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  • Despoina Daskalaki
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  • Claudio Bassi
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  • Paolo Pederzoli
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