Indications and Technique of Central Pancreatectomy

  • Riccardo Casadei
  • Claudio Ricci
  • Nicola Antonacci
  • Francesco Minni
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Central pancreatectomy, also referred to as medial pancreatectomy, is a segmental, conservative resection of the pancreas of about 5 cm length with sparing of the surrounding structures (spleen, duodenum, biliary tree, and gallbladder). Some authors [1, 2, 3] have defined the extent of this surgical resection: the central segment is limited on the right by the gastroduodenal artery, and on the left by the need to leave at least 5 cm of pancreatic tissue in order to perform the reconstruction on the distal pancreatic stump.


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  • Claudio Ricci
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  • Nicola Antonacci
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  • Francesco Minni
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