Distal Splenopancreatectomy: Indications for Surgery and Technical Notes

  • Carmine Napolitano
  • Luca Valvano
  • Maurizio Grillo
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The pancreas is a large gland located across the back of the abdomen. The organ develops from two buds that first appear as evaginations of the primitive anterior foregut at around the 5th week of gestation. The first, called the dorsal pancreas, develops rapidly into the mesoduodenum and crosses in front of the portal vein. Due to selective expansion of the duodenum, by about the 7th week the second bud, called the ventral pancreas, rotates with the gut, passing behind the duodenum from right to left and eventually fusing with the dorsal pancreas. The ventral pancreas forms the inferior part of the head of the pancreas and the uncinate process whereas the dorsal pancreas becomes the tail and the body. After the fusion of the two buds, the right mesoduodenal layer is reabsorbed and the pancreas, covered only by the left mesoduodenal layer, becomes retroperitoneal [1].


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  • Luca Valvano
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