Management of the Hemophilic Knee

  • Emérito Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán


It is well known that in hemophilia the knees tend to bleed from an age as early as 2–5 years. The synovium is only able to reabsorb a small amount of intraarticular blood; if there is an excessive amount, the synovium will hypertrophy to compensate, so that eventually the affected joint will show an increase in size of the synovium: so-called hypertrophic chronic hemophilic synovitis (Fig. 20.1) The hypertrophic synovium is richly vascularized, so that small injuries will easily make the joint rebleed. The final result will be the classic vicious cycle of hemarthrosis-synovitis-hemarthrosis [1, 2]. In this article I will review the most important therapeutic approaches for the hemophilic knee.


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