Radial Head Excision for Patients with Hemophilic Arthropathy of the Elbow

  • Mauricio Silva
  • James V. LuckJr.


The elbow is the second most frequently affected joint in hemophilia. Chronic hemophilic synovitis of the elbow usually leads to enlargement of the radial head and severe arthropathy (Fig. 15.1). A derangement of the proximal radio-ulnar joint secondary to hypertrophy and marginal irregularities of the radial head is the major source of pain, recurrent bleeding, and restricted forearm rotation commonly seen in patients with hemophilic arthropathy of the elbow. Limitations in forearm rotation often result in significant disability. For example, loss of supination of the dominant extremity interferes with eating, handling money, and personal hygiene. Excision of the radial head has been successfully used to improve the symptoms associated with advance hemophilic arthropathy of the elbow.


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  • Mauricio Silva
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  • James V. LuckJr.
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  1. 1.Outpatient Medical Center, Hemophilia Treatment CenterOrthopedic HospitalLos Angeles
  2. 2.UCLA/Orthopedic Hospital Department of Orthopedics, David Geffen School of MedicineUniversity of CaliforniaLos AngelesUSA
  3. 3.Orthopedics-Hemophilia Treatment CenterOrthopedic HospitalLos Angeles

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