Professor Henri Horozowski. In Memoriam

  • Michael Heim


The acquisition of an orthopedic specialty is a very difficult challenge in Israel. The specialization course extends over 6 years, and includes two examinations. The initial examination takes place after 3 years in training, and the final one after the entire study period. It is with a great degree of sadness that I came to the realization that there are young, qualified orthopedic surgeons at the beginning of their professional lives who have grown and graduated from Tel Hashomer hospital without having ever seen Professor Henri Horozowski. This new generation has grown up in the shadow of the previous boss, having heard, and still hearing stories about Henri, but never having had the opportunity to be in direct contact with him. The present senior staff members, including myself, had the honor of growing with Henri, for we all served and started our specialization under Professor Farine, Henri being his deputy.


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