Two- and Three-dimensional Ultrasonography in Abscess and Anal Fistula

  • Sthela M. Murad Regadas
  • F. Sérgio P. Regadas


Three-dimensional anorectal ultrasound presents an important role in the evaluation of cryptoglandular disease of the anal canal. It clearly shows the location, extent of the abscess cavity, and relation to the sphincter muscles and rectal wall, making classification possible, which is particularly important for the complex abscess. It is also particularly useful for evaluating anorectal fistulas, as it identifies primary and secondary tracts, internal opening, and adjacent cavities. This information facilitates surgical planning, consequently preventing recurrence and fecal incontinence.


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  • Sthela M. Murad Regadas
  • F. Sérgio P. Regadas

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